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Plantin Growen :D

Im going to try start a little thing every so often about my little plant growing experiance (:

It has currently sprouted a tail and i will plant it tomorow (:

Soooo true.

Hahahahaha, awsome.

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im rebloging this cause it has bongs in it, and i noticed the fitbikeco sticker on the bong :D

That awful moment when you think your teacher forgot to collect your projects, but she waits until you are all leaving to ask for them...→


Teacher-CLASS COME BACK HERE!!!!!!!!!!

Students-RUN, RUN, RUN!!!

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he’s all like…. NOM NOM NOM SPLAT!

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Name: Shaun
Aged: 18

- Friends
- Music
- Life
- Bmx

Love living my life to the fullest, been clean for over a month now, no more smoking the budz (:

I dont own anything that i reblog and i will put sources on if from elswhere.

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